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March, 31 2015


Redlands’ Skater Crater a nuisance to some, sentimental to others


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November, 27 2014

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November, 14 2014


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November, 14 2014

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November, 11 2014

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November, 11 2014

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BANNED Now Offering Skateboarding Classes 909 793 7070

October, 03 2014

 Call us at BANNED skate Shop, Redlands Location, at  909 793 7070 and inquire about skateboarding classes. Yes! Learn it right from the get go! We will schedulle you with a personal qualified instructor. No age limit! See you there, Carlos We are open sunday - Friday 11AM - 7 PM


September, 26 2014


The loaded fattail

July, 13 2011


Loaded decks and completes are in (alo skatistas brazileiros)

July, 04 2011


Element Winter 2010 is in!! New BANNED MORENO VALLEY MALL CHECK IT OUT!

November, 27 2010

Element  Winter 2010 is in!! Hoodies, V-necks,tees,caps. Visit BANNED store at the Moreno Valley Mall this Holiday Season -  it is stunning! tons of  good stuff.

Holliday Specials are in!

November, 27 2010

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Preparing For Summer!!! Well Check Out the New Volcom Shorts

April, 08 2010

Are you frickin' ready for the 2010 summer? Cause we just got in the new Frickin' Shorts line from Volcom. From the Frickin' Plaid Chino Shorts to the Frickin' Too Chino Shorts. Come check them out before they are all frickin' gone.

Element Clothing Just In!!!

April, 06 2010

Need a belt to keep your pants from tearing under your shoes? Need a hat to make your steez just that much better? Or a shirt to keep the sun from scorching your skin? Well today is your lucky day because a shipment of Element clothing was waiting to be put up on the site. Come check out the new gear!!!

Coming Soon to a website near you...Loaded Longboards!!!

April, 02 2010

Loaded Longboards!!! Loaded decided to engineer their boards so that the decks and trucks interact to create a synergistic carving system. Therefore, they design their boards around the trucks.   For their current skate deck lineup, their construction combines the best of snowboard materials, technology and skateboard inspired design. Concave and convex cambers, a vertically laminated Bamboo core, triaxle fiberglass, and a functional and symmetrical shape combine to achieve lively composite boards designed to skate bigger hills with enhanced control. Form follows function, and while they hope you'll find them attractive, these boards are designed to ride. Come check them out. They are sitting comfortable in the back of a truck waiting to arrive at their new home.

New Adidas Just Arrived!!!

March, 23 2010

To our reat delight, the delivery guy dropped off an assortment of fresh new ADIDAS today. So if you feel the need to rock these babies, you better get them fast cuz we can assure you that they wont last long. Come check them out!!!

Adidas Campus Vulc

New Sector 9 Completes Now Available!!!

March, 18 2010

Summer is around the corner, so don't delay. Come check out the new Sector 9 complete longboards with styles from the bamboo series to the mini series and all in between.

Sector 9

New From Tumyeto!!!

March, 16 2010

If you are looking for good wood, you've come to the right place. Now available at Banned are new Toy Machine and Foundation Decks. Come check them out.

Toy Machine

Chocolate Decks are here!!!

March, 04 2010

For all you Chocolate lovers, Banned has just received new Chocolate decks and they are available for purchase. Come check them out.

Defyant Clothing!!

March, 02 2010

Defyant clothing is a local clothing company making a name for itself. Show your support and pick up some fresh gear right here from

Theeve Trucks are here!!!

March, 02 2010

Theeve TIAX, the world's first truck with a Titanium Axleless Hanger, is now available along with the Theeve CSX, a truck with a Titanium alloy blend. Come check it out!!

Vestal Watches Now Available

March, 02 2010

Vestal's biggest watch, the ZR-3, is now in stock. Check it out.

Fyasko Clothing Arrival!!

March, 02 2010

Fyasko clothing is now available for purchase. Get it before everyone has it right here at

More NIXON just arrived

November, 22 2009

New watches and accessories now in stock.


November, 22 2009

Thanks for visiting We continue to ship all international orders. International require payments via PAYPAL. Safe for you, no scams  for us. (sorry Thailand, HK, Indochina scammers, not here)

More TRIPPLE EIGHT protective gear

November, 22 2009

More helmets in Stock. 10 % off when purchasing a BANNED deck or complete.

Congrats to Chris Mendes fo winning the MN. Damn Am

November, 22 2009

For the past few years team rider Chris Mendes has been plowing his way through the skateboard scene and is now headed to the top.Fresh off the Dew Tour where he took 10th in overall standings  and the China Invitational where he took 7th, Chris headed east again but this time it was to claim his title in the  states. May 29th-31st was the Billabong Damn Am In  Minneapolis MN. The roster was stacked with all the top Ams from around the globe and In the end it was our very own Chris Mendes in first. Sealing the deal, Chris threw out the arsanal of tricks his deep bag consisted of: Nollie 360 heel up step up, frontside flip bank to bank, kickflip front board down the rail, 360 flip noseslide on the bump to ledge and kickflip backside noseblunt  on the bank to flat bar . All in all Chris is the man and again we want to throw out a huge congtars. Good Job buddy all your hard work is paying off!


November, 22 2009

We welcome new skaters to our staff;: Josh 17, join the staff at Banned -REDLANDS Store. Jeff 19, another friendly Staff to help you at Banned-RIVERSIDE.

Enjoy and Almost Decks

November, 22 2009

NEW Enjoy and Almost decks


November, 22 2009

Now in all new Holiday 09 GRN APPLE TREE tees and tops

Complete Skateboards from $69.00

November, 22 2009

Check out our NEW  low prices on completes: Banned completes from $69.00 ; Pro Model completes starting at $114.99,  in-store  and online!

Volcom Cord Pants Adult and youth NOW IN STOCK

November, 22 2009

Cords are available in Green, Brown, Charcoal, in tight fit or regular. Kids skinny  Volcom cords and denim also available in 22 - 30 youth.

Factor 54 Flannels now In for the Holidays!

November, 22 2009

Call of visit BANNED for warm Flannels and in vibrant colors

Ambiguous Night Out!

September, 09 2009

Last Wednesday July 29th  Banned Board Shop loaded up its crew and left the sun scorched land of the I.E and headed to the O.C on our Big Night Out we did not find Lauren Conrad but we did find the Ambiguous Skatepark. Nestled away in a quite warehouse district The New Ambiguous park was waiting for the BANNED crew to get down and dirty. Things heated up real quick with what seems to be a common occurrance... the wall ride. I dont know what it is about the wall ride but it seemed everyone wanted in. The BANNED team came through  ready to charge, Chris Mendes; just off his win at the MN. Damn AM, showed up and got down on some tech tricks. Eduardo Craig managed to pull himself away from the Berrics to get some smooth skatin in  at  Ambiguous, rolled ankle and all.  Taylor Vonwinckelmann killed it all night long as he laid down an assult on the granite ledge. Jason Morrissette brought his game showin everyone that you can still have madd style even in baggy pants. Jon Hicks... what can I say,  this lil' dude... I swear he must be eating the same cereal that Mark Gonzoles does, so much style and energy in his skating. Tyler Coon a new  addition to the Banned family with  the official title of Team spirit leader lol, he did work both behind and in front of the lense killing the whole park. The rest of the crew consisted of a few shop dudes, shop groms,a few lucky customers, and good friends.Ambiguous pulled out all the stops hookin us up with some pizza and drink. While down at  Ambiguous  I got the chance to get a sneak peak at the new line and let me say this, to all who don't know Ambiguous you should their new line looked amazing as always and cant wait to fill the shelves with their goods. We want to give a big thanks to Brad @  Ambiguous for setting this up for us and the rest of the crew down there. Big thanks to all our boys who rolled out and made it such a good time. And to those who didnt make it... you missed out,  to those who want in next time...stop by the shop shake a hand and introduce yourself chances are we can let you know whats next.  Thanks again, Frenchy.

Results. Good Times Gone BANNED 2009 GTGB2

May, 06 2009

GTGB2 went down this Saturday at the Moreno Valley Skate Park. This was the second annual “Good Times Gone Banned” contest. Appropriately named “Mo’Val Throwdown”, the event definitely lived up to its name. The idea was to throw a contest for the locals. This event was not about what pro was going to show, a huge purse, or who was going to come in and clean house. It was all about supporting the local skateboarders, the ones who are down to all day everyday skate day.  Kids with no sponsors, just some beat up shoes and a board with a razor tail so bad that they could probably use it to shave with…. that is if their prepubescent faces could even grow hair. So with that said, the lineup was set weeks before the event, went down thanks to over 50 eager kids who signed up early to make sure they got into the contest. The three categories were broken down as follows, 13 and under, 14-16, and 17 and over. The format consisted of a four minute jam session for each qualifier, semi-final and the finals. Making it to the finals for 13 and under were Terrell Miller, Daniel Melgoza, and Nolan Miskell.  This round was no joke. These grooms seriously threw it down with man sized tricks, little Nolan killing it on the rail (must have learned a few things from his big bro Matt) landing him a third place spot, Terrell eating the stairs alive with his flip tricks got him second, and Daniel stepping up his last years efforts going big and using the whole park as a battlefield slaying everything in sight landing him the coveted first place slot in grooms division. The 14-16 division was pretty good although I think I fell asleep for part of it. Making it to the finals and taking third was Roberto Arguello, second place ended up with Montrell Coleman and first place went to Charlie Gass with his bossy style. It was at the finals for the 17 and over was where it all went down. The crowd was hyped up to see these guys throw down and they did!  The finals brought three heavy hitters to the table but an honorable mention needs to go out to both Joe Sanchez and Steven Brezinski who barley missed the cut. Forrest Edwards took out all the stops and went for broke with a array of tech tricks on the stairs and just about everything else. Brenton Vincent kept it consistent with tricks like front blunts down the nine rail landing him in second place, but it was Johnny Marquez who let it all hang out using the entire park to lay down his assault. With consistency and tricks that set off the Richter scale like a lofty front 180 step up the bank flat three (this thing must have been 20 feet long!) kept him on top in first place. If that wasn’t enough for everyone to wrap their minds around, we kept it going with our best trick contest down the nine. This was the ultimate battle royal with everyone going for broke! At the end the decision was left to the crowd. It was a toss up between John Marquez’s switch fs big heel (on a broken board) down the nine and Forrest Edwards bs 360 kickflip. In a noble gesture, Johnny humbly conceded to Forrest. Honorable mentions go to Andrew Thompson with a double flip down the nine, Tyler Coon’s buttery back heel, and to that little dude who did the three flip down the nine whoever you are! From there we moved on to everyone’s favorite part of a skate event, the product toss!!!  Awards presentation but apparently this caused too much commotion because it was all cut short as we were escorted by police out of the Skatepark. Nonetheless it turned out to be a great event. Banned Board Shop would like thank all the sponsors (Rich Smith at Fallen, Tyler Enyendi at Sole Tech and NHS, Oliver at Deluxe Dist, Matt Holdridge at Zoo York and Tum Yeto, Andee Quinn and Morgan at Volcom, Scott Jun at Point Dist., Scott Lefever at Dwindle Dist, Erik Maki at Nixon, Brandon @ Black Label, and everyone who came out to the event to made it such a success!. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!


April, 30 2009

The event is this Saturday, May 2nd, 2009  

Skateboarding has its roots in the Inland Empire. Riverside and Moreno Valley is very important to us.  

We are happy with the progress of this event and would like to thank and congratulate City of Moreno Valley for their efforts for providing their Park for the second year. Moreno Valley Community Development understands and values their young family residents.

The concept behind this second round of (GTGB2) is to focus our LOCAL skateboard community. These include the BANNED skaters and friends who support skateboarding.  This is for the skaters who always come in with an optimistic, positive attitude. These are the kids who make BANNED. Not fixtures, things we sell, etc. BANNED is like a Pub, but without liquor. Where people meet everyday to talk shop watch a video and have fun.

From this notion, we wanted to create a contest everyone can participate in and have a chance to win prizes... Unlike other contests, where actual kids are never allowed to participate. They only watch the Pro's outstanding performance. It is fun, don’t take me wrong, but it should also be about the locals. This tends to be the case when large cash purses are at stake. The expectations are so high, only a few have fun. Our event allows every skater to enter the contest with realistic expectations to do well. Companies will be there and often talents are discovered.  

The park is located inside the March Air force Base. (GPS does not show the streets inside the Base) but it wont be difficult to find.

 We’ll see you there! Make sure to say hi and thanks to Jayk Goff for organizing this event!

Also, thanks to the  paricipating companies their presence.  

Carlos Reis


The March, The streets are Yours

April, 17 2009

Just a thought. There is a common mistaken notion. City residents, the public, often think the politicians or the police own the streets since they exert so much control over us enforcing law and order. Perhaps because we are so used to seeing them so frequently parading up and down the streets.

The citizens, the residents, own the streets. It is our streets  -  Not the police's or the elected leaders and politicians. From the new book "How it ended": by  Jay McInerney  in one of its short stories, "The March" :   "Who's Streets? Our Streets!"  - "Who's Streets? Our Streets!"

So, skateboard on the streets -  it is yours! Skate Redlands Streets, skate Riverside Streets, Skate San Bernardino streets, Skate everywhere! Skateboarding is not a crime. BANNED is your friend.

Redlands:Why build a Skatepark when issuing tickets to Skateboarders is more lucrative?

April, 09 2009

Write (with passionate repetition )to your City Councilman and ask: Why does Redlands Still does not have a public Skater Park? Do they like the stream of income from tickets more than the ideal of a Skatepark?

Meet your City Council Members
Meet your Redlands City Manager
Meet your Mayor

Who decides where when and how to spend your money. Ask Redevelopment Agency Director Dan Hobbs

Parents are becoming angrier and angrier. Is it a result of bad policies and the disregard for the needs of the community? You decide.  Dear Parents, this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Whether you are a parent of a skateboarder or just know a skateboarder,  also ask your City Councilman:  Do the elected Redlands City Council really represent you? - Really?  Ask yourself. Did we not elect them to meet the needs of the community? ...Or  instead, the interests of a powerful minority and the seekers of political money power grab.

Please read what Mr Hicks has to say:  Redlands Officer Paredes Badge 3461 as pictured needs to grasp civil liberties better. Why do no other civilians riding non motorized multi-wheeled methods of transportation seem to get tickets with the ZEAL and or frequency of those of children on Skateboards?  It's a civil liberties concern I have as a parent, taxpayer, and a person who spends $$ in town.  I support the Redlands tax base.  I don't see it as funny that the city has no signs posted for rules prohibiting: seg-ways, roller skates, skateboards, bikes, scooters, heelies, roller blades etc. If kids on skateboards are moving from point A to point B and get tickets, why not everyone else equally?  That is selective enforcement of the law.

This is no joke, why in a town that collects taxes from no less six boardshops are the riders on ONLY skateboards singled out?  Creating a generation of kids to distrust and detest the police is not a wise move.  I came from OAKLAND, why do you think I moved here?  Do you really want our kids to view Police like they are in   less affluent municipalities like Rialto, Fontana or San Bernardino. POLICE are the ENEMY.  This police person impacts the view of the entire department and town.  It's Shameful and in time someone will take legal action or a class action again this man and the city.  Redlands Police cannot detect thieving civil servants stealing postage and using city vehicles for personal use but can ticket kids on skateboards,  GREAT work.  I feel much safer. Curfew tickets on Thursday evenings only and skateboard tickets will balance our budget woes.

Kids raised over 80k for a park, did the city follow through with the space commitment?  No, once the camera's left so did the land, just random harassment from this COP.  Sooner or later this will have a bad result. Kids develop a hatred for POLICE.

Thanks Officer Paredes, if you want to write tickets post up at one of our 8 bars in the area and do some civic good and write tickets on DRUNKS - NOT children on skateboards.  Catch a drug dealer or two rather than ticket kids in front of a Skate Shop.

This smug civil servant should be part of a budget alignment and let go.

G. Hicks
Redlands Resident And no my kid did not get a ticket.
Go figure, but his friends ALL have them.

Drayden Gardner's Accomplishments On The Slopes

March, 18 2009

Drayden Gardner
Drayden Gardner is sponsored by Banned and competes in the USASA Grommet Division(8-9 years of age). He is ranked NO. 1 all around in the Southern California competitions and Ranked NO. 15 overall. He is Ranked NO. 4 in the National GS, Ranked NO. 9 in the National HP, Ranked NO. 25 in the National SL, and Ranked NO. 12 in the National SS.


Date Event Resort Region Discipline Place Points
Jan 10 2009 Slopestyle #1 Mountain High  San Gabriel SS 1 1040
Jan 25 2009 SlopeStyle #1 BEAR MOUNTAIN  Southern California SS 2 940
Feb 01 2009 HALFPIPE #1 BEAR MOUNTAIN  Southern California HP 1 1020
Feb 08 2009 SlopeStyle #2 SNOW SUMMIT  Southern California SS 1 1030
Feb 08 2009 SlopeStyle #3 SNOW SUMMIT  Southern California SS 1 1030
Feb 22 2009 HALF PIPE #2 BEAR MOUNTAIN  Southern California HP 1 1040
Feb 22 2009 HALFPIPE #3 BEAR MOUNTAIN  Southern California HP 1 1040
Mar 01 2009 ALPINE GS SNOW SUMMIT  Southern California GS 1 1040
Mar 01 2009 ALPINE GS SNOW SUMMIT  Southern California GS 1 1040
Mar 01 2009 ALPINE GS SNOW SUMMIT  Southern California GS 1 1040
Mar 01 2009 ALPINE SL SNOW SUMMIT  Southern California SL 1 1040
Mar 01 2009 ALPINE SL SNOW SUMMIT  Southern California SL 1 1040
Mar 08 2009 BOARDERCROSS #1 BEAR MOUNTAIN  Southern California BX 1 1030
Mar 08 2009 BORDERCROSS #2 BEAR MOUNTAIN  Southern California BX 1 1030

No funds for Skate Park and YES to water base paint!

December, 18 2008

No funds for skate park but $10,000.each for 200 families (2 million dollars)  to repaint their houses!   Alarming fact!   Redlands Daily Facts says it all.  NO skate park for Redlands!  The Redevelopment Agency  and City Council (the folks we elect to represent our community)  has determined that Redlands youth is not worth the financial investment.    It’s tragic that they believe sprucing up a few houses is more important than giving today’s active youth a safe place to skateboard.  Neighboring towns like Fontana, Yucaipa and Moreno Valley have acknowledged how important the youth and young families are by constructing a skate park and giving kids somewhere to go but why does Redlands carelessly brush their youth to the side?   Instead, parents of Redlands kids get tickets regularly for their children skateboarding downtown (and the ticket money does not go to the skate park fund).  The kids are made to feel like they are doing something reprehensible because they are regularly kicked out of public places for riding… this cycle does not need to continue.    Concerned about the dramatic weight problems that many youth are affected by?  Kids skateboard downtown because they actually seek entertainment; they seek people and the community.   Try encouraging some healthy outdoor physical activity Redlands!!   Redlands – Give our youth a place to go!!!   I live in and love Redlands California –  I care about the kids and youth of Redlands and my business. So much effort has been made with City Council in seeking the funds for the construction of the skate park.    Why are we being pushed aside and such enormous amount of money being given to a few home owners to make the outside of their home more beautiful?   Do we want to turn Redlands into a Camel-like town, ideal and exclusive for senior living, or a vibrant progressive town that invites young families and provides the adequate outdoor entertainment the families ask for?   Redlands take a stand and speak up for the youth that live here.  Free paint for houses does not bring a sense of community spirit, but bringing the youth together to share a common love does!  Think about the longevity of Redlands ~ think about the need for a safe place for most youth popular activity in Redlands – Skateboarding – Speak Up and voice your opinion. Its half the cost of the paint for a much needed skate park!   I encourage you to call or write to your local  Redlands City Council members.  Contact the Redlands Daily Facts and San Bernardino SUN and speak up!   Youngsters and parents who read this also read … For more on the tools and doings of the Redevelopment Agency     Carlos Reis  Your Friend and Founder of Banned Skate Shop

Second Annual BANNED Broomball Playoffs!

December, 15 2008

Yes!  Skateboarding and Broomball complement each other!This year the event was the most competitive. It started at 11PM going until 12:30 PM. Some of the highlights included, once again,  astonishing performances by Keith, followed by Abel, Corbin and other new comers.Blake and Edna choose to work hard scraping the ice for snow balls, right in the middle of the field! (if  only Edna worked this hard with the broom  cleaning the shop..ha, ha). It was great fun, competitive, clumsy and slippery. No one really kept score as usual. We hope you come next year to this Banned Sponsored night (No, sponsored by all the recycled soda cans - really.) 

Make sure to check out the pictures from this event at

DECEMBER THIRD!!!! University of Redlands!!!

November, 29 2008

See you there

GvR 2008

October, 07 2008

It was a gloomy weekend this past Friday and Saturday at the Etnies skate park in Lake Forrest, CA.

Despite the weather, the 5th annual GvR (Goofy vs. Regular) contest kept on truckin!... 2 teams, goofy footed skateboarders against their regular footed counterparts competed against each other. Hometown local rippers Chris Mendes and Cara Lawson were in attendance and shredded! For mens, Mendes skated on team Regular, which took the win over Goofy with a mere 7.25 POINTS!!!... Even though they won, rules were that if a team won by less then 25 points, it would be settled with a winner takes all game of SKATE. Regular ended up claiming the win in overtime.

Great job this past weekend Cara and Chris!  
Check out the Game of Skate tiebreaker here:

And the over all scores from the contest here:

Van Wastell 1984-2008

September, 18 2008

All of Us at Banned give our condolences to the family and Friends of Van Wastell.

Volcom Team On Tour, Stopped at Banned

September, 02 2008

Volcom team on tour, stopped at Banned last Friday

August, 12 2008

On Summer Tour 08, Volcom team riders stopped at Banned in Redlands last Friday to hang out with the kids and signed posters!

Go Skateboarding Day at Banned Redlands June 21st

August, 12 2008

Come join all of us on Go Skateboarding Day June 21st. In front of the Redlands Skateshop, the block will be closed down for us to skate and have fun. There will be food, raffles, pros, contest, product giveaways from sponsors.

New Obey clothing t-shirts

May, 27 2008

Check out the Obey Mens t-shirt section for new Obey t-shirts!

New obey clothing shirts


January, 22 2008

Our local boys flew across the country last week and had great heats and placed high. Read the link provided on

Nike SB Dunk November shoes are shipping

November, 09 2007

Strange Brew and November rain inspired. Also a New P-Rod2!

Banned online weeekend promotions

October, 26 2007


Game of Skate in Riverside, CA.

October, 12 2007

If you want to play the game of S.K.A.T.E. come on down dood.

Nike SB Movie Opening night

October, 09 2007

Well, we went sent a few doods to the premiere. Here is some snaps we got back. The boys are too young for the after party so you'll have to go to a non-skate sight for those social butterflies. For those didn't get to go:

I dont know what shoes these are. "what the dunk"?

This could get dangerous!

P-Rods house

Jub-Jub, Steve Berra and Mini

Jub-Jub, Steve Berra and Mini at Nike premiere

Mini and his dates (waa waa wee yaa)

Display of stuff from the film. Like a small time Planet Hollywood.

Taj Mahal

Front of Kodak theatre

Sephora and Nike co-op?

a skateboard film by Nike SB

September, 26 2007

Nothing but the truth is a skateboarding film by Nike SB. The flick is directed by French director Lionel Goldstein,  . The films opening premiere will be in Hollywood, CA. at the Kodak theatre, home of the Academy Awards on October 2, 2007. It is NOT open to the public, so you're going to have to wait for movie to drop on October 27th! The bottom image is the official cover of the DVD.

have a nice weekend

September, 21 2007

have a nice weekend

Mystery and Fallen Open Skate Park Doors

September, 13 2007

This past weekend and a few times a year in San Diego all the ultra-rad people in the action sports industry get together and trade. Its called ASR tradeshow. During this same circa, a company owned and ran by Jamie Thomas called Black Box which owns Fallen shoes and Mystery skateboards opens their skateboard park to anyone that wants to come kick it.

Go Skateboarding Day June 21 2007

June, 20 2007

On June 21 skateboarders around the globe will celebrate the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most influential activities in the world by blowing off all other obligations to go skateboarding!Skateboarders everywhere will hold fundraisers, contests, protests, demo’s, they’ll skate across cities, gather in skateparks, stream into their local skate shop and some will even revel in the solitary act of skateboarding alone, all bringing together the skateboarding community in the grind heard around the world.Check our 2006 pictures from our Redlands ride...

Supra North East Tour

June, 05 2007

Yes that�s right ! Muska, Ellington, Greco and Antwuan, are hitting up Philly, Jersey and NYC. Demos, BBQ�s and Signings will be poppin off in the area. So get it on your calender! Oh, don�t forget our boy Furby will be joining us for the trip as well.

Tony Hawk Foundation Spring 2007 Grant Awards Announced

May, 10 2007

Well for those that have known us for years you are well aware that Banned Skate Shop has been pushing skateboarding in Redlands since 1993. Thats means, the first skate shop in Redlands! Since that time our city's culture and LANDSCAPE has changed. Everybody from Kenny Anderson to Billy Marks to young groms like you have been 100+ degree summers pushing around Redlands and stopping inside Banned to catch up with friends and poach the air conditioner. With that being said its been 14 years of core skating to finally get what Redlands deserves...Skate Park! This week the Tony Hawk Foundation recognized our small city and its role in skateboarding and donated $5,000 to the parks genesis. Thank you!

Earth Day and Element Skateboards

April, 20 2007

It’s Friday again and our friends over at elemental awareness have been busy coming up with events all over the great USA . With earth day being this weekend we thought we should highlight some of these things. Elemental Awareness will be hitting the road May 4th for the annual ‘Future Nature Tour.’ Tosh Townend, Dallas Rockvam, Collin Provost and Levi Brown welcome you to compete in a series of contests taking place in Phoenix , the White River Apache Rez & Dallas’ hometown of Sioux City , IA.


April, 02 2007

New York, NY – April 2, 2007 – For the third year in a row, NYC’s tight-knit skateboarding community has banded together to open a private indoor training facility. Located next to the Autumn Bowl in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the aptly named Mt. Weather is now open for shredding, and its purpose is simple; to provide a dry, heated indoor spot to keep NYC’s skateboarding scene alive when rotten East Coast weather strikes. Mt. Weather was made possible through generous support from Zoo York, Red Bull, Volcom, and 5boro Skateboards. This much needed TF features a streamlined street course, and it’s easily accessible from Manhattan. Like past years, Mt. Weather is being run as a co-op where, in addition to the aforementioned sponsors, individual key holders contributed money to help cover rent, ramp materials, and other expenses. In return, key holders enjoy round-the-clock access to Mt. Weather. Therefore, to skate this coveted spot you either need your own key or a friend with a key. That’s it, that’s the only way in. So start pulling favors now before it’s too late... Mt. Weather will remain open through the middle of May.

Google to provide FREE internet to all homes.

April, 02 2007

Element Skateboard Demo this past weekend

March, 29 2007

Tony Tave back tail.

Phoeniz Am 2007: This Weekend!

March, 22 2007

Cowtown's 2007 PHX AM Skateboard Contest is going down this weekend in (where else?) Phoenix, Arizona. If you're in the area, make sure to roll your ass on over to the Rio Vista Skatepark. $8,500 is up for grabs!

Oscars 2007

February, 27 2007

Well Martin Scorsese finally won an Oscar for Best Director. This is like as if Eric Koston got his first pro-model shoe 2007. Well thats what was happening and now it's finished.

FUN Art Show last weekend

February, 10 2007

on behalf of rebecca, julianna and friends united network, thanks to everyone that came out and saw the show on saturday (except for joey, because he is the one that took the photos of the show, so if your wondering why the pictures suck, its him, hes the guy talking on 2 phones at once a few photos down). thanks to all of you that came out from los angeles, orange county and san diego. redlands is a bit of a drive from all you guys and we really hope you had a good time. also, thanks to gumbo for playin a good one. hope to see you all at the next one

Welcome Everybody

January, 12 2007

With the rush of ther holidays, I forgot to welcome these new soldiers to the BANNED family: Riley, Allison, Leonard and Casey and Blake, the on assignment reporter. This experience will be a great success and learning experience as well. Departing: Jared, a great guy whos been a great contribution to Banned Mail Order, will be moving to the Valley and further explore his career in the computer animations industry. Also, with our warehouse relocation, we hope to stay in touch with Brian (aka Mini-Me), also a giant! I have to stop this now I'm too emotional... Carlos

Carlos Guest Appears on The Sopranos

January, 12 2007

So Banned founder Carlito "Way" Reis will be making a guest appearance on The Sopranos final season episode 4. Check him out and show the support.

going back to cali.

January, 12 2007

Im john, I live in connecticut and you guys have a skateshop in redlands and i want to move to california and get a job there keep an eye out for me and i would like to say HI TO SHANNON if he still works there.....peace and love guyz

Hey John,Yeah man come out to Cali and apply dude. Hope to see you soon.


(no subject)

January, 12 2007

Banned wats up........i was wondering if i sent you some footage of me snowboarding and you liked it if you could hook me up or put me on flow or something alright thanks for your time Patrick

Hey Patrick, We are revamping our "team Rider" section so its looking legit and it will be on multimedia overload. From that point we want to fill it up with you groms. We want young shredders and ams only. Its going to be a section dedicated to homies like you and your friends. P.S. You can UPS.Fedex to: Banned Mailorder/Team Footage 341 E. Alessandro Blvd. #1A Riverside, CA. 92508 Thanks for the question! Chris

myspace default pic

January, 12 2007

Dear Banned Mailorder,
what is the effect you used on your (banned mailorder myspace) default pic?

-retro steez

No simple effect. Its about 4 hours of photoshop.....its a secret.

P.S. Check out Creative View, he's one of our myspace friends.
Thanks for the question!

Thanks for the question! Chris

banned myspace
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