Enjoy the ease of shopping at BANNED. We do our best to carry and represent California brands, but there are exceptions.Browse the huge assortment, great selection of products.  Skateboards, shoes, apparel, Longboards, Skateboard components such as Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Grip Tape, Tools, Helmets. Also a growing modality and service we offer include Skateboard Lessons. Visit our new skate warehouse, where select patrons get to skate our ramp between skateboard lessons (or sessions).

Founded in 1993 by Carlos Reis, and shortly after a center focus of controversy over graffiti on the wall of the store. What the haters had intended as an attempt to create negative publicity for BANNED SKATE SHOP, worked adversely – It put us on the map overnight. The great majority approved and supported our murals. So, 25 years later you can say we have a few “notches on our belt”. Experience, knowledge of skateboard trends, and deep scope of the industry. As we leave the history in the past, we look into the future to bring you quality desirable skate products.

Many who were sales staff at one point, embraced a career in the industry and continue to be indirect contributors to Banned.

SECRET: BANNED is like a local bar, but without liquor

Banned Skate Shop was founded at a time when the rave scene was big, and so were the pants. Our first website and online store also went on air in 1993. For those who are too young to know what this means is: People did not know what web sites were for yet. There were NO emails. “what is a web site?”, or “what is it for? “ was a common question. Well that explains the rarity of having a one word domain BANNED.COM, it was acquired very early.

When in Southern California, come in and see us. There aren’t many 25 year + old skate shops around like us – we  guarantee you will like it! We would like to meet you in person and show you around, send you to some good skating spots in Redlands. We have many additional brands in our brick-n-mortar stores then we have online. We offer SKATEBOARD LESSONS, and our promise that after a select number of classes you will be skating well. Banned is a Full Service Skate Shop. A  company created for skateboarders with the aim of providing fun in skateboarding with the best equipment, latest technology, and lower prices.

PROMISE: Authenticity Guarantee, Premium Service

Our staff, that we call family is very diverse,  many realms and cultural backgrounds and How we like it! We have a location in Redlands, California. Our scope of coverage includes the USA, and skateboarders from places as far as Brazil, Europe, Australia, New Zeeland, Russian Federation.” BANNED is like a local bar, but without liquor” someone once sad, where every one stops by to skate, to chat, hangout, and to get new deck, t-shirt or shoes. Someone also said, “we are here to make friends not money”. Well, you know what we mean, it is not literal. In a nutshell: We have a passion for skateboarding, love and want to serve God above all else.

We are home to many famous skaters, and many who lived in Redlands at one point or another. Adelmo Jr,  my fellow countryman, and regular faces like Marc Johnson, Eddie Elguera, Kenny Anderson, who lived in town and often stopped by. Yes, See us on FaceBook, Instagram or any other social media you are into.


First and foremost we hope to praise and glorify God in everything we do. Our lives are short and brief. All things comes and go, but only One thing is eternal . God’s love for us, and his everlasting promise that he is preparing a new home for us. The end of this great conflict between good and evil. His true intent for mankind,  is (and always has been) that we will live with Him,  at our new home where there is no longer pain and suffering. He Is all powerful and glorious.

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See you at BANNED

Carlos Reis