Banned Blog October 18, 2018

Banned Blog October 18, 2018

Let this be the new beginning of a blog created by, and for, the skaters. These blogs will be the archives of current day events along with, other interesting information that comes with being in the world where the wheels meet the pavement.

As for now, excitement floods the minds of local skaters due to the construction of the new skatepark in Sylvan park. For years skaters throughout the area have been looking for a placed to skate only to be turned down, kicked out or cited wherever they go. But     after grueling years of patience, funding, and hard work we are finally getting what we’ve been searching for. The first day cement was laid , locals were on the scene to scout the perfect line. This new park not only brings a place for kids to chill, make memories, and stay out of trouble, But is also seen as a creative playground for the pros. Things should be an interesting mix between steez and mayhem as the skaters weave through the park doing what they do best. Opening date this January can not come any sooner, As locals are itching to skate the park It’ll be all street until then. We’ll see you on the course!

Written by Nic Jemenez, edited by Anthony Mondragon
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