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About Acme Skateboards

In 1991 Jim Gray started Acme Skateboards in Costa Mesa on the Westside making skateboards, wheels, trucks, and clothing under the Acme Brand name and several others ,such as F1 Skate wheels. In 1995, I built a skateboard manufacturing plant off Placentia Ave. We built several million skateboards there up until 2008.

 We also had been printing stickers in our skateboard factory for many years, and when we closed the skateboard factory, we kept printing stickers. The most successful local surf/skate company Volcom was our biggest sticker customer and they started out in an office in the same complex as Acme Skateboards. Their business grew so much, it helped Jim Gray setup a new shop to print stickers called Inkgenda when my skateboard factory had to stop operating. Today, Inkgenda, here in Costa Mesa, prints stickers for Volcom, RVCA, O’Neil, Black Label Skateboards, and dozens of other surf, skate, clothing, beverage, and footwear brands. So, printing stickers is my primary business! Jim Gray also does a podcast called “Bleav In Skateboarding”, the Powerflex skateboard wheels brand, and some other projects in the skateboarding world.

Article, courtesy of The Faces of Newport Beach, Newport Beach, CA.


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