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Vision to ATM Click
Shortly after his Thrasher magazine cover, Gonzales then joined the Vision skateboard team and entered his first contest as a professional in May 1985 at the 'Sacto Streetstyle Contest' held in Sacramento, California.[9][10][11] Soon after turning pro, Gonzalez won the 1985 'NSA Sure-Grip Beach Style' contest held adjacent to the pier in Oceanside, California.

Gonzales proceeded to further influence the progression of street skateboarding with the 1991 Blind Skateboards video Video Days (a company he formed with Steve Rocco in 1989).

Gonzales left Blind after experiencing frustrations that were similar to his time with Vision and then started another company called ATM Click and followed it with a venture with Ron Chatman called 60/40 who sponsored future Menace skaters Fabian Alomar and Joey Suriel.[14] In 1993, Gonzales created controversy after he appropriated a Vision design that was used for one of his signature model boards for an ATM Click design; Gonzales then proceeded to also use the graphic for Real and Krooked signature skateboard models following his move to Deluxe Distribution.

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