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One of the oldest skate shops in California, BANNED® located in Redlands California was established in 1993. BANNED® has been a cornerstone of the California skateboarding scene for decades. The shop holds a rich history, witnessing the evolution of skate culture and the rise of skateboarding as a global phenomenon.

Today, BANNED® not only offers a wide range of skateboards, gear, and accessories but has also plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community among skateboard enthusiasts. With its retro vibes and commitment to authenticity, BANNED® stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of skateboarding in California, attracting generations of riders and leaving an indelible mark on the West Coast skate scene.

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  • Warehouse Showroom Hours*

    • Sunday 11AM - 4PM
    • Monday - Thursday: 3PM - 7PM
    • Tuesday 3PM - 7PM
    • Friday 2PM - 6PM
    • Saturday - Closed (Learn More)

  • BANNED® since 1993

    Banned Skate Shop 

    1200 Arizona St B5

    Redlands, CA 92374

*Business hours may change. Please call (909) 793-7070 during our business hours.