About Us & History

BANNED® Skate Shop, Banned Mail Order

Rooted in skateboarding.

BANNED® manufacturers apparel, skate supplies and accessories since 1993. Known for quality, amazing designs, expertise, and commitment to skateboarding. Born from controversy, and disturbing the status quo. BANNED SKATE SHOP (aka BANNED®) is one of the oldest skate shops in California with a strong footprint in skateboarding since 1993. Located in the Inland Empire where many Pro-skaters were born, and often come back seeking their roots!

Let the kids skate

Skateboarding should be about fun, without policing the youth. In our world at BANNED you will be treaded with respect. Clean, techical environment suited for skateboarders of all ages. You are now part of the Banned community. 

Founded in 1993 by Carlos Reis. BANNED® was the center focus and controversy over graffiti art on the wall of the store. What the haters had intended as an attempt to create negative publicity for BANNED SKATE SHOP, worked adversely - It put us on the map overnight. The smart majority (the kids) approved and supported our murals.

"BANNED is like a local bar, but without liquor" someone once said, "where every one stops by to skate, to chat, hangout,  and to get new deck, t-shirt ",  and "we are here to make friends not money".

Banned Skate Shop was born at a time when the punk and rave scene was big, and so were the pants. At the same time, skateboarding was coming back strong. Our first website and online store also went on air in 1993. For those who are too young to know what this means is: People did not know what web sites were for yet. NO email, “what is a web site?”, or just plain “what is it? “ was a common question. BANNED.COM was locked in, it was acquired very early. 

There aren't many 27 year + old skate shops around like us.  We will show you around, send you to some good skating spots in Redlands. BANNED is an organization other businesses what to be part of. In product development  our reputation has enabled BANNED to develop great relationships. We continue to engage in product collaboration, and creations with key industry leaders, also partnering with licensed products.

Coming to California? Come visit skate our warehouse and factory store. Browse the huge assortment, great selection of unique skateboard products.  Skateboards, shoes, apparel, Longboards, Skateboard components such as Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Grip Tape, Tools, Helmets.

BANNED Skateboard University. We offer SKATEBOARD LESSONS, and after a several sessions with our instructors(and  lots a practice), you will be skating well.

Banned is a Full Service Skate Shop. A company created for skateboarders with the aim of providing fun in skateboarding with the best equipment, and skate technology.

BANNED Apparel. 

What come first? The Skate Shop is where we tested every new creation. Very unique items you could only find here. We are very particular as to what BANNED graphics we put out. Many skateboard graphics and apparel creations are very grass roots.  Still often developed by our staff, and throughout the years. Many of our staff family have paid their dues working BANNED. A long list have landed very desirable career positions in the footwear, skateboarding and motion picture industry. For BANNED apparel, please contact us for a presentation access in Brandboom.

A very diverse staff family. Many cultural backgrounds and faith, and how we like it!

We have a location in Redlands, California. Our scope of coverage includes the USA, and skateboarders from places as far as Brazil, Europe, Australia, New Zeeland, Russian Federation.

Many skaters pass thru our doors. Many who you know lived in Redlands area at one point or another. Adelmo Jr,  my fellow countryman, and regular faces like Marc Johnson, Eddie Elguera, Kenny Anderson, who lived in town and often stopped by. 

Let the kids skate,

Carlos Reis