Instructions for Grip Tape Application

Instructions for successful Mob Grip tape application:

MOB Grip uses special pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA’s) which get stronger and more permanent over time. Following these instructions insures the tape will stick to the skateboard immediately after installation and then slowly become even more permanent as each day passes. The special adhesive of Mob Grip, when properly applied to the skateboard, are stronger against peeling, delamination, chipping or curling/lifting when subjected to very cold or hot weather and temperatures.

  1. All pressure sensitive adhesives are affected by cold and hot temperatures. Store grip tape in no lower than 55 degree F (13 degree C); apply grip tape at room temperature of 60-80 degree F, (16 – 27 degree C). The skateboard deck should also be room temperature.
  2. Apply grip tape to skateboard and use your hands, a skateboard wheel or the Mob Grip tape roller to insure complete contact of the grip tape to the skateboard and the top of the skateboard’s edge.
  3. Additional bonding can be increased by then placing board on the floor (on a non-marking carpet) and standing on the grip tape, moving your feet around the surface of skateboard to insure maximum pressure to bond the grip tape to skateboard and the top of the skateboard’s edge.
  4. Burnish (scrape) grip tape around the top edge of skateboard, using a round steel object (screwdriver w/ handle) at a 45 degree angle. Apply maximum contact pressure exactly where the blade will trim the grip tape, this helps prevent lifting during the trimming process. On this step, do not cut through the grip tape; just remove the silicon carbide grit (sand). Burnishing the edge also makes cutting easier, smoother and more accurate by removing/crushing the grit (sand) at the burnished top edge of the board.
  5. Trim grip tape with a sharp safety blade at a 45 degree angle, use caution on this step to cut a clean line around the edge of skateboard and also be careful to not cut yourself. After you trim the grip tape, take a piece of scrap grip tape and lightly sand the top edge you just trimmed. This knocks the grit (sand) edge down a bit.
  6. Final step is to return the board to the ground on a non-marking surface (carpet) to re-apply pressure to all surfaces of grip tape, including along the top edge of the skateboard, insuring a solid bond to the skateboard. Now set that deck up and go skate!