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About Us


Official home of BANNED® the genuine brand. An American company disturbing the peace since 1993.  Accept no imitations. 

BANNED® official apparel, designs, maple woods and accessories. Unique, recognizable designs. Commitment to fashion, skateboarding, and all radical lifestyles. 

In the new paradigm of retail today, where new brands emerge every month and offered in social media. There is the much established BANNED® brand which will be here tomorrow.

Official home of BANNED®.com, from a founder who lived in the moment during the .com craze, the birth of the internet and VC start-ups.

Despite retail’s brick-n-mortar paradigm shift to e-commerce.  Authentic BANNED® products are still first test-driven at our warehouse store before being shipped to consumers and retailers, and influencers, and brands sponsored riders. Our headquarters warehouse is a test marketing think-tank where we launch new items. We are very particular about the finished quality of our apparel.

BANNED®. From early graphic creation beginnings of Hiram Santana, of the first "BANNED Equipment" creations, Jim Collins ( Barbie black and white catalog), to now 27 years later.  BANNED® has gone thru numerous collections and transformations and remains more relevant than ever. ( hey, we’ve got Pakistani counterfeiters now!).

Born from controversy, still questioning authority and disturbing the status quo. BANNED® is rooted in Redlands, in the Inland Empire, just outside Los Angeles, California.

Let the kids skate. We stand for the youth, and against policing, big-government civil regime, and control. We fell strongly, we can take care of ourselves, don’t you? We stand for, free justice, free-thinkers, God-fearing parents who acknowledge The Creator and pass on to their kids. Let their kids be creative and encourage imagination.  We also oppose those policing the youth when oppressing our way of life. In our world at BANNED®,  you will be treaded with respect, one brother to another. You are now part of the BANNED® community. 

BANNED® is and enigmatic brand, and ironically the story is still being written. BANNED® worldwide organization ran by the owner's most trusted staff, advisors and CEO. While its owner resides in an undisclosed location under WITSEC, somewhere in this planet.