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BANNED I LOVE COPS Skateboard Deck

BANNED I LOVE COPS Skateboard Deck

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BANNED I LOVE COPS Skateboard Deck . Guaranteed they won't bother you.. Or will they?

100% Canadian Maple

Cold Pressed Quality providing you performance and durability 

Premium glues

 Made in USA

The term "COP" comes from the work Copper, the material their badges were made in the past.

Learn about the engineering involved in the manufacturing of our hand made by skateboards. Street tested

Banned Skate Shop has all the resources to provide you with a quality skateboards delivering today's shapes to skilled skateboarders.






Quality since 1993

Unless stated otherwise all of our decks are  cold pressed  constructed of 7 plies of 100% American/Canadian Maple (wood species- Acer Saccharum) with skateboard specific glue made by Franklin. Occasionally and on specific request we use Bamboo, other veneer and exotic materials but the tried and true 7 ply Canadian Maple is by far our most popular construction.** Upgrade this complete with Performance components!

All BANNED skateboard decks are cold pressed. This method takes more time than a hot pressed deck but does not subject the wood to high temperatures that can weaken the wood fibers. The uncut decks are allowed to cure for 7 days in large stacks before finishing.


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