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BANNED "Support your Local Skate Shop" Bumper Sticker

BANNED "Support your Local Skate Shop" Bumper Sticker

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BANNED bumper sticker 

Place this SUPPORT sticker on your car and get 10% OFF on every purchase!

Plus help is support the warehouse skate ramp!

10" x 3"


Stickers in History
It has been suggested that the Ancient Egyptians first created "stickers" to advertise their daily market rates. Archeologists have found items, at Egyptian excavation sites, that appear to be pricing and/or product descriptions plastered to walls of ancient cities. These artifacts are believed to have been some sort of early paper, which was written on and then somehow glued/plastered to the walls of various market places throughout Egypt.
It has also been suggested that Sir Rowland Hill, in 1839, invented the modern sticker when he created and introduced an adhesive paper that became the first Postage Stamps.
Then there are those who believe that the sticker was invented in the 1880's by European advertising gurus, who came up with the idea to help consumers identify (and ultimately purchase) products by use of colorful paper "labels." These colorful paper labels were stuck to various types of fruit and fruit packaging with a simple gum paste. Apparently, there was massive competition in European orchards at this time in history. These inventive stickers were used primarily on the sides of the fruit crates to help make their containers "stand out" from their competitors.
And even others argue that R. Stanton Avery, the founder of popular "Avery Labels," is the actual inventor of the sticker, when he invented the first self-adhesive label in 1935.

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