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Loaded Bamboo Vanguard 21-Year Limited Edition, 38" Longboard Complete

Loaded Bamboo Vanguard 21-Year Limited Edition, 38" Longboard Complete

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This limited-edition run of 250 hand-numbered boards celebrates Loaded’s 21st anniversary with original artwork by Travis Parr. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Center For Humane Technology, which strives to align technology with humanity’s best interests for improved attention, well-being, and communities.

The Vanguard longboard brings lightweight snowboard-inspired construction and performance to the pavement. Camber, sidecuts, and high-energy flex allow for responsive carving, pumping, and commuting. 21 years and still flexing.

Available in a single length and flex (equivalent to a standard Vanguard flex 3). This special complete setup is specced with larger wheels and upgraded bushings for an extra lively and flowy ride.


Deck: Loaded Vanguard 21-Year Limited Edition
Trucks: Paris V3 180mm 50° (polished)
Wheels: Orangatang 80mm Kegel (80a, orange)
Bushings: Orangatang Knuckles (soft, orange)
Bearings: Loaded Jehu V2
Hardware: Loaded button head (1″)



Practically indestructible and more Loaded than ever. These lively bamboo composite boards offer the finest ride legally available and are the most popular longboards we sell.

Advanced technology, innovative design and a commitment to using only the finest ingredients have led to this amazing evolution in longboarding. With symmetrical shape and stance for a balanced center of gravity, as well as the ability to weigh and un-weigh the deck through turns for control and efficient energy generation, these performance downhill boards will change the way you experience topography. Made in USA!

Keep in mind that a softer flex pattern will give you more control and tighter turns at a wide range of speeds, but tend to lose stability slightly at higher speeds. Stiffer flex means more energy potential and more stability at higher speeds, but will not be as forgiving and lively when cruising.


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