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Skateboard Lessons (12) Sessions Package

Skateboard Lessons (12) Sessions Package

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Give the Gift of Skills

Welcome to BANNED® Skate University, and thank you for considering us during your skateboard learning process.

We will have lots of fun together.

You are selecting to purchase (12) class sessions.

Class sessions are offered Sunday through Friday. Saturday we are closed.

Sessions are paid in advance.

If needed, please cancel your scheduled sessions at least ONE DAY IN ADVANCE. Schedule another time that is convenient for you.

Protection gear is required. Don't worry  at BANNED we carry a good selection of helmets and pads.

During the first session. We will go over some safety training, and also assess your skate level. From this assessment, we will learn a lot about you.

During these sessions, you will learn the fundamentals, and hands on techniques under the guidance of our instructor.

We will determine the pace and level of your skateboarding. Also initial points we will focus on. 

All students and learning experience are different. That being sad, we do not guarantee proficiency. That will depend mostly on you. Your skills will come from practice. The more you skate, the better you will become. 

BANNED® is a Redlands original since 1993. Our instructions understand our roots, long traditions and are very committed. 

I hope your first intro sessions was awesome. You had a feel, learned a bunch of things and now are ready for serious FUN!

Now you are ready for the real deal. To improve your skating skills. 

Your instructor will show you new maneuvers, and work with you on each, one at the time. Yes, there will be some repetition, but it's the secret of learning.

We will advance at each session, provided you are practicing at home too!


Call us for times and availability.

Classes are 45 min sessions 

Call BANNED to Schedule a class


We offer no refund on classes.

1) Purchase lesson sessions below and proceed to checkout;

Once you purchase this lesson

2) When ready. Call the store to schedule the class and best time. We provide lessons by appointment. 909.793.7070, from 3PM-7 PM.

3) Mention In Store staff you have purchased and paid for the session. They will verify it, and schedule a day and time best for you.

You are selecting to purchase (12) class sessions pack.

Call us for times and availability.

Call BANNED to Schedule a class

- how to pump
-rock to fakie
-drop in

-shove it
For rail: 
-board slide

Test and practice all you learned with the instructor.
(Parents, we ask you to meet us there. We do not drive the students ourselves.)

*We offer no refund on class sessions. Our instructors are well paid and...:

*Everyone is different:

Enthusiasm, ability and results vary. While we'll do our best. No guarantee of skateboarding proficiency is promised or implied.

Even after all the sessions, you will be required to practice, keep skating to maintain your sharp skills.




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