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Our skate lessons are unconventional, yet make no mistake. They are very effective!

(1) intro class: What does it achieve?

You will have a feel about our classes and the instructor. You will learn the basics. The instruction will learn more about your current skills, what is needed, and also learn what areas will need more focus.

Yes, you can bring your own music to play during your session!

We are happy to answer any questions. Call us for times and availability.

One on one lessons are 45 minutes each sessions!

Lessons are by appointment. Once you've selected and paid for the sessions desired. Please call us to schedule a time.

The following are some of the many topics instructors will cover depending on how many sessions you select:

On flat:
- Ollie 
- Shove it
- 180
- Kickflip
- Heelflip

On rail:
- Boardslide

On mini ramp:
- Pump
- Rock to Fakie
- Drop In

* Sorry no refunds on sessions.

*Enthusiasm, ability and results vary. While we'll do our best. No guarantee of skateboarding proficiency is promised or implied.

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